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Our Ingredients

We use only the finest quality ingredients to make your pão de queijo. Our cheese is locally sourced and we use a tapioca flour authentic to Brasil. Tapioca flour is naturally gluten-free. 
Our pão de queijo is gluten-free, nut-free, sugar-free, and trans-fat free. 
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Proudly made at a gluten free facility in

St. Paul, Minnesota

our story

We are a Brasilian-American family living in the Twin Cities. Our daughter Lulu LOVES pão de queijo and can't get enough of it. When "Vovó" (Grandma) moved to the U.S., pão de queijo became a staple in our home. We decided to start this business to share a bit of our culture with you! Bom Apetite!​


At almost every Brasilian gathering you will find Pão de Queijo on the table. 

Its culinary roots can almost certainly be traced back to our home state of Minas Gerais in Southeastern Brasil.

Pão de queijo is a delicious addition to breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and is a must with coffee or tea! 

You can enjoy them as a sandwich by adding fillings, or with your favorite dipping sauce!


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Saint Paul, MN 55106


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Our Story

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